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Piperton - Carrie Carr I will give this book one compliment in that it forced me to confront the issue of intolerance. I was reading along, with these hateful comments from men in this town of Piperton, to this lesbian character and I actually wrote in one of my comments somewhere that the men seemed somewhat "cartoony" with their outrageous insults only to realize, later, what the hell do I know about intolerance and abuse by hateful people? Nada.

I live, and have always lived within a progressive framework with family and friends. But man, when I think about some of the comments I've heard from people with whom I have worked over the years, about race, religion or sexual orientation... or... read in the newspaper or the web every.single.day, and this intolerance becomes very visible, and worse, is probably the tip of the iceberg.

But, that is why I enjoy escaping into reading. People hurting people harms me, even in fiction.

OK. My little speech over, I would say this is a fairly conventional lesfic love story, with a lot of miscommunication, repressed personality, falling in love pretty quick, saying, "I love you" pretty quick, having someone referred to as "Her lover" constantly, or using the hated "baby".