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Miss Match

Miss Match - Fiona Riley There is nothing wrong with three stars!

I was quite dutiful in reading this book and I understood the risks these two women took in falling for each other, but wow, it just became her place or her place quite quickly. One woman runs a high end matchmaker service with her partner and I think we hear about three of their clients. There could have been a lot of fun with side stories about her and her partner setting up these dates. All of that energy was put into one character that I don't even think had a speaking part - the nervous client.

oops. Sorry. I forgot the maniac they couldn't figure out how to be rid of. (!) "Our client has a violent temper but is quite wealthy and still has his hair. Want to date him?"

Luce is in some sort of damage control PR company? Give us the dirt. What does she have to cover up?

A steady build-up of emotional feelings for each other is nice but I would not have minded one bit something else going on in their worlds, especially some humor. The author knows how to write.