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Miss-Match - Erica Lawson, A.C. Henley A woman, Clancy, has a long history with her Aunt setting her up on one blind date after the other. None of the male dates this matchmaker arranges quite takes, so she slips in a lesbian as a surprise for her niece. The niece is quite reluctant to pursue this date but begins questioning her sexuality nonetheless. The story was kind of cute initially and what could've been a nice story becomes forced with stereotypes and almost an intervention from her family along the lines of "why is she fighting this, it's obvious to all that she is gay.

What follows is embarassing with the character's asking her past dates if they thought she was, well, you know, gay, and they all laugh and say, "Of course you are!", listing off lesbian stereotypes that make this issue so obvious. The intervention was kind of like the opposite of the "But, I'm a cheerleader!" film without any of the humor.