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Cat Catcher

Cat Catcher - Caroline Shaw The writing in this story was cool, almost as if the author taunted you to not like it and move on to something more typical, but I was drawn to the observations and dialogue of the main character, Lenny, an ex-cop who quit the police force after a traumatic incident, and is now the Sam Spade of finding lost cats in Melbourne.

Lenny's descriptions of people are hilariously scathing and dead-on. This book has the most unholy mess of unlikeable characters, ever. One can see why she would stick with cats. I loved Lenny though with her various addictions and manias. She was, all in all, a good detective and a good person with the most unorthodox psychiatrist one could find.

The mystery itself was convoluted as hell and the book had some slow passages, but I think that could be more my reaction to reading it piecemeal, 20 minutes to an hour at a time. Once I was able to focus I was quite involved in this unusual story.