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The Set Piece

The Set Piece - Catherine Lane *I was provided with this ARC in exchange for an honest review

This is the story of Amy becoming a beard for a famous soccer star. For $1500 a week she agrees to play the role of fiancé of this star who has been facing some questions regarding his sexual orientation and watching his game suffer because of these questions.

Amy is a Summe Cum Laude graduate of an Ivy League school slumming, working in a bar where the patrons grab her ass. Of course she jumps at this chance of easy money and moves in to the soccer player's spacious LA home. Of course the soccer hero is gay, and also has a beautiful, lithe, lesbian assistant, a mean spirited housekeeper that pops up at the darndest times and a mystery surrounding doctored photos showing the soccer player doing overly friendly things with other men.

Our Amy is signed to a confidentiality agreement and has to lie to her best friend and anyone else who asks. She is Diego Torres' fiancé and then contracted to find the source of these mystery photos which are all conveniently found on the fireplace mantel of the man's home. This story has the complexity of a Nancy Drew novel and I don't know what the author wanted: a thriller, a romance or a criminal mystery. I half expected the housekeeper to turn into Norman Bates in drag and have a go at Amy with an axe. The author went for all of the above.

All of it was rendered too simply for me. The dialogue was banal and the ending was broadcast in the first third of the book, there are no serious set backs for the heroine. Her emotional costs are minimal. She confides quickly in Casey, with whom she has just met (she's so hot), but not with her best friend who she has known for years?

Someone explain the high ratings here for me?