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Separuh Aku Ada Kamu

Separuh Aku Ada Kamu - Lila Vee This is the first published book I have read with typos and repeated actions/thoughts/paragraphs which actually hindered my ability to read the story. Showing P.J. her Halloween costume at the McDonalds is set up twice, for example. I put three stars (No. It has to be two) as I enjoyed the character of P.J. and Marlene, but also the portrayal of a high school in Kentucky enforcing (cyber) anti-bullying rules. The story is run of the mill, pleasing at times, and could have been cut back substantially.

A practice used in this book which disturbed me was the use of the word "retarded" as a pejorative, but as I have a mentally handicapped brother maybe that is just my issue.

My 2¢ on the mother of Jamie…… no way should/would she be forgiven so quickly. I found her to be a ghastly presence in the story. Are there really parents more concerned with pursuing cheerleading in college than academic subjects? Cheerleading is exploitation of young girls in my opinion, but, again, maybe that is just me.