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Without A Front - The Producer's Challenge

Without A Front - The Producer's Challenge - Fletcher DeLancey So. "The Caphenon" was no fluke for Ms Delancey and reading this book was frustrating only in the sense that I was busy and could not devour the story as I wished.

World building: She's done the creating with zeal and seemingly has thought of everything when it comes to describing a world that is similar to ours, but with the vital difference that everyone is in a caste of some kind, and everyone, to varying degrees is empathetic. This empathy is not described as 'mind reading' but comes fairly close in this.

Ms Delancey has also created another miracle: a book detailing politics on a world scale, as the main character is the world leader of Alsea. Much of this describes the petty stuff to which we are accustomed, in the US anyway, but the side explanations and the background stories to the politics brings a familiarity to this world of Alsea. Nothing is wasted in any of the characters or their dialogue and impact.

So, the Lancer of the planet, Andira, begins a relationship and what pure magic that becomes in this writer's hands. The concepts of 'joining' and 'sharing' are remarkable and left me envious. This Andira is the whole package of adjectives and her Salomen is left to the imagination, for now, as far as her true potential, but we know she is a MATCH for Andira, and a powerful Tyree.

The author has men and women on equal footing and placement in the story. There is no walls between the sexes and they are not limited as to what they can do with their lives except for their level of empathy.

I loved this story and think Fletcher Delancey is a gifted writer.