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Lawyered - K'Anne Meinel Written so simplistically, I found myself reading the sentences from this book almost as some kind of chant. "See Jane. See Jane run." The main character is some sort of force of nature, we are led to believe, who, at just 30 years old is offered a partnership in a prestigious law firm. But there's a catch. She must submit to a complete makeover, lasic eye surgery, new hair styling, and my god a better wardrobe. So, an ugly duckling is required to become a swan, on the surface anyway. I didn't read all of the book. I rushed out then to have my hair styled and a make-over at Macy's. Maybe the book becomes fabulous later. Excerpt:

"I'm a Cincinnati boy," he bragged with his boyish grin. "But I don't know anything about my background, I was adopted. I think I was part Atlantian which would explain why I love scuba diving so much."

"Wow, I've never met an Atlantian," Nia smiled as she teased him.

Well the hometown may be gone but we live on," he continued as though they were having a serious conversation.

Nia enjoyed his joke and they had a wonderful conversation as they both……..

This is supposed to represent a Harvard educated lawyer, Nia, the main character, and a scuba instructor she meets on vacation in the Yucatan with whom she has sex because that is what's done on vacation even though she feels nothing from the act.