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French Lessons

French Lessons - Natalie Vivien This was a 3.5 star book for me, and maybe I rated this one lower because I required more time to read the book as I was quite busy elsewhere, and didn't have my usual focus of one day's blur of reading. I kept feeling I was reading the same stuff over and over again when I resumed reading the story and had to go back and then forward to be sure I had not.

The book was well written burt the world building wasn't there. At no time does one really think they are in France. There are just long taxi rides where the MC holds out wads of cash. The main character was a bit somber and lost compared to the love interest, but I enjoyed the mystery of the main character's past she was so compelled to solve. Vida turns around completely from what she had been and loosens up in days to the charms of the French woman, beautiful, single, and part of the inheritance.

I take issue with practically everyone in the book speaking English. When one is surrounded by a foreign tongue the experience can be quite maddening as one is reduced to hand signals and grunted butchery of the foreign tongue. This trip to France seemed could have been a drive to Ohio.

What was so "forbidden" about Renée's attraction to Vida? Why did she run away to Paris only to be quickly found? Just for her part in the lying about the past and who was, in fact Josephine? I totally knew that the Aunt wasn't dead so I am proud of my quick little brain on that issue.