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Winter Jacket

Winter Jacket - Eliza Lentzski For the first three fourths of this book I loved reading the story with it's major and minor characters. The main character had plenty of humor and I enjoyed how the book was written, not easy based on the pervy notion of dating a student, former or otherwise. I read, I smiled, I laughed - really enjoying the main character and how she dealt with the issue, beginning with fantasy, then explosive sex, to the need to date and get to know each other better. Then, I stepped away to have dinner.

When I came back to the book it was as if a different author had stepped in to finish, that, or the author's mood had changed violently. I know most les-fic romances have to have some tension at the 3/4 mark that is the resolved with "the power of love", but this took the tension to new depths introducing one mistake after the other for the main character - the older of the two women involving dishonesty, false jealousy, BDSM, stupidity - the humor was GONE. What could have been a fun story had been butchered .

The author has real talent with dialogue and inner monologues but she, in my opinion anyway, listened to the wrong voice on how to end the story. I didn't even like the main character at the end of this which is too bad. So five stars for the beginning and two for the end.