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Kissing Kate

Kissing Kate - Lauren Myracle Coming out, a little sister, parents dead, raised by Uncle who is trying - this story appealed to me.

But there was much to distract me in this book.

Lissa's discovery of a book on lucid dreaming was interesting… for a bit. This process takes the place of any sort of therapy as the MC tries to understand her attraction post big kiss to her bestie. Throughout this story this BFF, Kate, does not come across too well and I wondered what was Lissa's attraction to her.

I hoped Lissa would be dazzled by someone new and forget this shallow, supposed friend, but no. Lissa reaches some sort of internal understanding on her own through Lucid Dreaming and then oh, the book is over. There isn't any more.

At the end I felt disappointed and regretted my time reading this