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All the Little Moments

All the Little Moments - G. Benson There is much to like and appreciate with G. Benson's All the little Moments. I really enjoyed the first two-thirds or so as the descriptions seemed very real with this woman leaving her old life to honor a commitment and the wishes of her dead brother and sister in law. The pain, the pace and the emotional cost of a tragic, unexpected loss is explored extremely well. The children behave as children do, there is nothing magical about them (except for the magic of the very young). I guess I meant they were not irritatingly too mature or too intelligent.

Really this is a five star book excluding the last third custody battle and the subterfuge of the social agency in charge of monitoring the welfare of the children and the hepped-up mother in Law. The charges and the court proceedings reminded me too much of some rural American setting for me to think it was Melbourne, AU. Baptist folks, so concerned with sin and homosexuality never interest me in the slightest. I see and hear about them too often. (Confession: I skipped much of that. My heart is not strong enough for kids being taken from their home, relationships ditched, old lovers w….. you get the idea).

So, for me, the uncertainty and rebuilding of relationships was somewhat superfluous in the latter half of the book as Anna originally taking over the guardianship of the two children, and meeting a potential love interest was enough for me in the first two-thirds. Kym was oddly enough perfect as a friend for Anna with her own matching grief, and Lane seemed to possess a supernatural patience and was not explored enough for my taste (and what was the deal with her always serving coffee? ER Nurses work damn hard. Have Anna get the sauce sometimes). I wanted, and felt I deserved, a universal clamoring for Anna to propose to Lane, pronto, and get that woman into the master suite of the house on a permanent basis, STAT.

This G. Benson writes in a very enjoyable style with distinction and I look forward to reading more of her work.