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Rulebreaker - Cathy Pegau One either likes the first person narrator in this story or doesn't. The world building in this book was really not there at all. There was enough mentioned that I felt the story took place on an alien world but take out a few keywords and it could have been set in Detroit. There is no detailed description of the new worlds that the human race has explored and settled, and by the descriptions here it doesn't really seem that society has changed all that much. Data sticks = Flash drives.

This is first person so we learn about the other characters slowly. These are not perfect people by any stretch and we ultimately learn about individual based crimes versus corporate atrocities. Some of the people I really liked in the story had horrible admissions that are difficult to reconcile.

That said I really enjoyed this book and found visuals in my mind of the characters and situations easily enough. I don't know Ms Pegau's secret with being so spare and having me, the reader, completely untroubled by any omissions, filling in the blanks without issue.

ETA I should also say that this is one of those books where I do not notice the faults of the book or pay them any mind if I do