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Ex-Wives of Dracula

Ex-Wives of Dracula - Georgette Kaplan First of all, I received this ARC of Ex-wives of Dracula" free in exchange for a fair review.

I am not one to read Vampire stories - ever. That said, I had few problems with this one which reads kind of like a lesbian "Salem's Lot", mixing High School tropes with a crazed town and school faculty.

This is a story of a girl who has an unrequited love with her neighbor, the ├╝ber chick Lucia. They begin to hang out more and more and before you know it.... they are involved in a vampire story.

The dialogue is quick, hit or miss funny, very current with the name dropping an attempt made every page to be something different and not be typical in any way. There was a drug/dream sequence in the early stages, something happening at a party, that, I don't know if it actually frightened me but I was easily jumpy and loud when my wife unintentionally snuck up behind me.

On the whole this is well written, except for some obvious typos, and I would heartily recommend it to fans of the genre. I liked it.