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Requiem for Immortals

Requiem for Immortals - Lee  Winter *Note: I was provided and ARC by Ylva Publishing in exchange for a fair review. I can assure you I had no bias.

The story of an assassin and the detective bound by oath to capture her, is essentially a story of the meeting of two women from opposite ends of the personality spectrum who find common ground. Their meeting and growing relationship begins a healing process and even though the book slogs through some dark psychological issues it is ultimately a story of redemption for the two main characters.

Even though much of the subject matter seems dark the storyline is always headed toward some kind of light and understanding and is engaging throughout, with more than a few surprises and shifting power dynamics.

I cannot say about this book, as is likely in the U.S., "I love it!" because so much of the story is dark, bordering on depressing and painfully detailed, but the book is written so well I can say I liked it very much..

p.s. I enjoyed this niece, Hailey, at the beginning. She was funny and for once I wanted more kid in the story.